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How Marijuana Affects Your Body?

Marijuana is one of the profoundly used substances in the United States. Most people who use marijuana smoke it. Marijuana has active chemicals such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol and cannibinol which are powerful ingredients that can alter the function of the mind. When you gasp marijuana smoke into your lungs, it is rapidly released into your bloodstream on its way to your brain other organs. There are physical symptoms of marijuana use like dry mouth due to compounds that impede saliva production, fluctuating heart rate, and future lung obstruction. The short term effects of marijuana use are the feeling of euphoria, relaxation, depersonalization, and increased in appetite. However, there are also long-term and risky effects of marijuana use such as respiratory and cardiovascular problems and memory disruptions. The psychological symptoms of marijuana use are altered sense of time and space and variations in mood.

How Marijuana Affects Your Body

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