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6 Things Alcohol and Drugs Do in Your Sexual Life

Posted: February 21, 2015 by in Help Addiction Recovery Services

There’s a big difference between “high” and sober sex. It’s like comparing oranges to apples. Illicit substances bring an individual into an altered state of perception which usually affects arousal, the libido, physical sensitivity and motor function. For many people, having sex while high is a rush that sober sex has a tough time comparing to. While getting different rushes from the alcohol and drug’s high and the buzz from drinking alcohol: this is what drug binges do to you. They put you in a euphoric and altered state – which directly conflicts with being sober. These are the six things that no one tells you about sexual intercourse while on addiction recovery.

Sexual Function

Most men are experiencing bouts of impotence or having difficulty maintaining erections. While engaging in sexual intercourse, recovering addicts have trouble reaching an orgasm and ejaculating. These problems are typical after alcohol and drugs addiction. Various addiction rehab centers in Ohio say that because of and alcohol drugs, most men may have actually damaged their endocrine systems, which functions to balance the hormones in their body. In which case, they are not producing testosterone which then affects sexual performance and libido.

Experiencing Feelings

This could be an absolutely new place in your life, especially if you have only had sex while in the effect of drugs and alcohol. In the past you may have been the hit it and quit it type, drug-driven, committed to getting high compared to your significant other. If you find yourself developing feelings for your sexual partner, it is okay to express your feelings. Be honest, vulnerable, and intimate.

Shame and Sex

If you feel shame surrounding sex, trying new experiences such as sober sex may bring up some unresolved self-esteem issues for you. If that’s situation, be patient with yourself, share your concerns with your partner, and be ready to do the work necessary to heal yourself completely. Whether by joining a support group, going to therapy, and reading self-help magazines or books: include your partner also.

Sober Sex may be a Trigger

Sex can be a trigger for some individuals because it can bring up a lot of shameful-drug-driven emotions. If you struggle with these embarrassing deficiencies thinking about sex, you are more likely to use alcohol and drugs when engaging in sex. If you are used to having sex while under the influence, the association between alcohol and drugs and sex can trigger cravings.

It’s Awkward

It’s going to take time and practice when you’re learning a new way of sexually interacting with others.  In the past, you may have had much sex, but during addiction recovery, having temperate sex is totally different. Be ready for an awkward situation between the sheets: you can always turn off the lights.

Sober Sex is good

Regardless of the above-mentioned aspects of sober sexual intercourse, it can be great. It’s absolutely better than high or drunken sex, while getting hot and heavy the temperate way. Some say it can be the most incredible thing you’ve ever experienced. Every sensation or touch is made extraordinary by complete awareness and hypersensitivity; further, it can be the scariest thing: the total vulnerability and exposure to it all.

Drugs and sex have a lot in common. Alcohol, drug and sex can all be abused as a way to avert dealing with painful feelings and emotions. While the effect in the behavior may look somewhat different outside, they seldom mask both essential emotional needs. If you’re in addiction rehab or in addiction recovery, be mindful that unhealthy sexual actions and relationship patterns can be an indication that the underlying issues have not been totally set on, and that a possible drug addiction relapses is imminent.

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